I’m Sumera, a graphic designer based in the UK specialising in branding and identity design. I have 6+ years instructions experience.
Graphic Design enables me to slow down and ponder a project, not only thinking about how to come to a creative solution but to learn about social, historical and cultural contexts while doing so. There is no better feeling than gaining knowledge whatever it may be. One belief I hold strong after drawing parallels between my design process and life is to pursue growth rather than anything else. I relish in any task that forces me to use my eye and exercise my own artistic expression.
My portfolio contains some examples of my commercial work and is completely my own. Enjoy browsing!
You can also see my personal experimentation work on Instagram @sumera.graphic
I am available for freelance!  Please fill in the form below and I will contact you to arrange the next step.
For work enquiries please contact me :
Thank you!
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